Call Control Techniques: The Overall Picture

Ensure your contact centre staff have the skills to manage calls successfully


What client questions will it answer?

  • How can I help my staff communicate with customers more effectively?

  • How can I make sure my staff know how to handle their calls as efficiently as possible?


Who will benefit from it?

  • Contact centre front line staff


What is the format?​

  • One-day workshop


This one-day workshop provides practical skills for contact centre staff.  The course covers the following topics:             

  • Effective Communications

    • Barriers to effective communication

    • Active listening, building rapport and asking questions

  • Managing calls successfully – what good looks like  

  • Focused call control

    • Call Control Basics

    • Confident Vocal Techniques – Power through what you say

    • Actively Listening

    • Expressing empathy

  • Understanding call resolution boundaries and solving problems

    • Typical types of customer contact and potential customer needs

    • Mastering aggressive conversations

    • How to resolve a query

    • Resources available to help find the answer


As a result of this course, attendees will have an enhanced understanding of how to manage customer enquiries politely, efficiently and effectively.

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