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Customer Journey Mapping

A good customer journey map is based on research and data, not on anyone’s gut feel. Most people in an organisation think they know their customers pretty well, but you would be surprised what you will find out when you undertake this research!

There are as many formats for a customer journey map as there are organisations that use them. The map is a simple, high-level description of the steps involved in the journey when a customer is moving house and is interacting with a gas or electricity utility. The key elements of a customer journey map are:

  • the name and description of the interaction;

  • who is interacting;

  • the trigger (that is what makes the customer commence on the journey);

  • the steps in the journey;

  • the touchpoints with the organisation;

  • who else is involved in the journey; and

  • the emotions the customer feels before, during and after the interaction.

People who develop customer journey maps are constantly looking for new and improved tools to help them understand and describe the various aspects of the customer journey. Here are a few of them:

  • An empathy map is a useful tool for recording observations because you have everything in front of you and you can just jot down your notes in each of the quadrants: what the customer is saying, doing, thinking and feeling. The empathy map is also good for showing stakeholders a quick overview of your findings, if the full customer journey map is too complicated for their needs.

  • A customer journey grid allows you to capture a bit more information than an empathy map, while still being easy to understand. It still captures what the customer is thinking, doing and feeling, but it also includes the steps.

  • Finally, a touchpoints matrix allows you to map the touchpoints customers use in each step. It can include callouts to show where the customer is when they interact with the touchpoint.

To find out more how Exceed Global can assist you with customer journey mapping, visit our website or call 0407 889 987.


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global 1300 44 88 88


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