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Press Release: Good to Great CX - Customer Experience Strategy to Execution

It's strange taking a break from writing the last few paragraphs of my book 'Good to Great CX - Customer Experience Strategy to Execution' to get into 'newsletter' writing mode. After many hours (actually days and months), it's off to press and I'll be working with the team to plan the launch of the book scheduled which is scheduled for release in September. This week I saw the book design and I was gob smacked seeing the copy in a book format rather than a Word document. I am hoping that this book will help you all to transform the lives of your customers and take CX to a whole new level. Last week, one of my senior consultants took his car in for its first service. He sat in the customer area to write this month’s feature article (no kidding!) and was blown away by the customer service. Everyone was exceptionally nice, asked multiple times if I was comfortable and would like a coffee. He said there was a great vibe, the staff were happy and up-beat and it was clearly visible they loved working for the business. They were all displaying an unwavering focus on the customer that was driven from the top by the Dealer Principal. This month’s feature article is on the Voice of the Customer (VoC). If you want to be truly customer-centric having a VoC program is an absolute necessity. Developing a successful VoC program requires four key elements: CEO sponsorship, understanding your customers, employee engagement and business alignment. If you think a VoC program is needed to supercharge your growth, I would love to talk with you to map out some ideas on how to achieve total customer centricity within your organisation.


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global


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