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Drivers for Customer Expectations

The factors that drive customer expectations are constantly changing, but there are some points that turn up whenever customers are asked what matters to them. Here are some of those themes:

  • Personalisation

  • If I’ve already communicated with your organisation, you know a lot about me, so you can use that information to personalise how we do business.

  • Mobility

  • I’m mobile, and I want to be able to deal with you while I’m on the move. If you don’t keep up, I’ll leave you behind.

  • Sociability

  • I’m on social media and I expect you to be there too.

  • Self-service

  • Let me do it myself and let me choose the channel to do it in. Don’t force me to switch to the channel you prefer.

  • Ease

  • I shouldn’t have to spend time trying to work out what you need me to do. Make it easy for me to do business with you.

  • Timeliness

  • I’m time-poor, so don’t make me wait for you. If you put me in a phone queue, I’ll use the time to check out your competitors on the Internet – that is if I wait at all.

  • Empowerment

  • I want to make my own decisions. Give me the knowledge I need to make the right ones.

  • Help

  • If I choose to interact with someone about an enquiry, make sure they can answer my questions. I don’t want to be bounced around inside your organisation.

  • Complaints

  • If you make life hard or do wrong by me, I’ll complain. I might complain to you (if you’re lucky), I might complain to my family and colleagues, or I might tell all my Facebook friends. I might tell them if you do the right thing too, but only if you do something that ‘wows’ me.

For more information about these drivers and the issues they raise, refer to Chapter 1 of my book – Good to Great CX – Customer Experience Strategy to Execution. To buy your copy, visit


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global


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