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Employee Engagement has drawn increased attention over the years as organisations have begun to place more emphasis on the importance of their people (Globally Employee engagement is the 4th most important strategic measure for organisations). Organisations looking to implement a Customer Experience (CX) capability uplift program will recognize that fully engaged and empowered employees are a key enabler, in short you can’t expect your customer to be engaged unless your employees are. So how do you develop a complementary Employee Experience (EX) program and maximize your CX benefits. The Exceed team can help you frame the journey starting with an EX Discovery describing the current EX Landscape including business segments, stakeholders, a baseline of the physical, cultural and technical dimensions of your work environment, as well as a macro design and implementation approach. The discovery approach involves:

  • Analysis of Business and Employee Segments;

  • Engagement with key senior stakeholders to gain insight into the opportunities and priorities for uplift of the employee “journey”;

  • Synthesis of existing employee engagement and related data sources to establish a Baseline for the current Employee Experience; and

  • high level approach of designing and implementing the EX uplift initiatives required to support the desired Employee Experience.

For more information on how we can assist contact Simon Bennett on 0419 042 640 orsimon.bennett@exceedglobal.com.

Simon Bennett

Director of Consulting

Exceed Global



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