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The Power of a Strong Professional Social Media Profile

The prevalence of social media is a force to be reckoned with in our current society, as individuals are utilising a growing number of online platforms to document their personal and professional lives. Social media has become one of the most influential sources of information in our society, and the most relevant way to represent oneself. Thus, it is important to be able to establish and be clear on your brand and purpose. Talent management groups utilise social media to search for skilled professionals that match opportunities, as do individuals searching for jobs. Here are some of the purposes of using social media during your job search:

  • Manage your online presence – expect while you are in the job market, hiring managers and recruiters will research your online brand.

  • Manage how you are perceived and the impression you create – portray a STRONG personal brand!

  • Connect with others to build relationships with the aim of uncovering roles before they are advertised.

  • Locate roles that people share with their connections through their activity feed.

  • Search for roles that are advertised in various professional social media platforms.

  • Research people and organisations so that you are better informed prior to engaging your network.

  • Search for key people whom you feel can assist you during your job search, and see how you might be able to obtain a ‘warm introduction’ to those people by checking for shared mutual connections.


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global 1300 44 88 88


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