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What can we learn from Elon Musk and Tesla, the biggest names in energy right now?

Elon Musk is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world today. Like Steve Jobs, he is able to anticipate customers’ needs and imagine solutions that customers themselves could never have envisioned. Musk is a constant innovator; having been a founder of PayPal, he found himself in a position to develop new businesses that have disrupted the electric car and consumer energy markets and garnered powerful customer loyalty. We believe that one reason for Tesla’s rating as a Top 20 CX is their approach to CX. Tesla owns the entire experience from beginning to end. Tesla does not sell through dealers and is therefore not dependent on the quality of service from any partners. Their showrooms are designed to immerse customers in the Tesla brand and experience. In the energy storage market, Tesla saw the growing demand for consumers to have more energy independence and created a new product, the Tesla Powerwall, for an untapped market. The Powerwall is a battery that enables households to store solar power generated during the day for later use, to reduce dependence on the grid. The Powerwall has the advantage of being much smaller than a bank of lead-acid batteries, far easier to manage, and therefore more appealing to a much wider market. Powerwall creates a brand challenge for Tesla as they no longer have control of the end to end customer experience and will be dependent on third-party suppliers such as electricity utilities and smaller electrical contractors to install and maintain the product. Tesla’s third party partnerships must be carefully implemented to ensure the “Tesla Brand CX” is extended and supported through the channel. Regardless Musk’s drive to innovate will test the boundaries of technology and CX for Tesla Perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from Elon Musk and Tesla is that complacency can kill your product, service or CX advantage. If you’d like to talk to Exceed Global about your CX strategy or execution, contact Isabella Villani on 0407 889 987 or


Sarah Abbott

Senior Consultant

Exceed Global


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