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Education: The Great CX And EX Secret!

Customer Experience is front of mind in every organisation. If you are not thinking about CX for your customers, your competitors are. In a recent edition of CMO magazine, journalist Azadeh Williams article titled 'Complacency kills CX: lessons learnt from the Aussie retail meltdown' discusses why local retailers need to up their CX game to survive. A lot of the key points in the article are relevant across all industries so definitely worth reading The article has quotes from my book Good to Great CX and my interview, as well as interviews from CX, marketing and retail experts. After almost five years of involvement in Auscontact Association and formerly CCMA, I have resigned from my position as Board Member of Auscontact to take on a board role at Save the Children Australia. I have enjoyed my time working with some talented people in the industry, supporting growth, innovation and best practice and shaping the industry during a time of constant change. I am looking forward to embarking on my new journey as Retail Advisory Board Member of Save the Children Australia, where I will be working with a group of executives in the retail industry to provide strategic direction and leadership to the team at Save. On the back of my keynote presentation at TAFE NSW's recent conference (see the article below), the focus of this month's newsletter is education. At Exceed Global, we believe you can't have great CX without great EX and education and learning are key to this. Therefore in coming weeks, we will be extending our mentoring program implemented as part of our candidate care model to our clients as well. Whether you're a mentor or mentoree, there are several benefits including sharing knowledge, improving communication skills - both listening actively and expressing yourself clearly and concisely, increasing self worth, strengthening interpersonal skills and personal satisfaction. If you're interested in joining our mentor program as a mentor or mentoree, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the team.


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global


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