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Are you missing an opportunity to improve?

It is a normal practice for leading organisations regularly verify their existing capability against a structured framework. They can achieve this by calibrating their performance against a maturity model to identify any gaps or potential areas of opportunity to improve. The answer to these important questions may not be that hard to solve. As a customer Experience professional, you will always be striving to build a fitter, faster organisation focused on delivering Great CX. But where do all your ideas come from? How do you know where to focus your effort? When do you know you have reached success?

The process of assessing your current performance against a pre-defined ‘best practice’ maturity model you can help you to easily identify the right areas of opportunity for you to focus on to drive the best outcomes for your organisation. Exceed Global have our own proven Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM) which empowers clients with clear actionable insights across all organisational CX elements and supporting capability.

How? The CXMM assessment uses a range of pre-defined metrics to quantify your Customer and Employee Experience ecosystem to provide insights into your organisation’s CX maturity. The insights drive alignment of Technology and Business change across the entire organisation, eliminating the white noise. Who? The CXMM enables your leaders (CEO, CMO, CCO, CIO, CDO, CTO, COO) to consume insights from specific business units right through to an enterprise wide view of opportunities to deliver change. Both strategic and operational staff will be able to identify and prioritise opportunities using the model. Why? The CXMM insights show how to drive improved capability, such as:

  • Improved CX across all channels

  • Increase customer ease

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Reduce cost

  • Drive self-service

  • Remove failure demand

For more information on our CX Maturity Model please contact Simon Bennett on 0419 042 640 or


Scott McMillan

Head of Strategy and Innovation

Exceed Global


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