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The Link Between CX And Employee Engagement

Building our people’s capability along with a customer-centric mindset has become a key focus for businesses, as brands compete to increase customer loyalty and improve end to end customer experience. Employees are a critical piece in the CX jigsaw puzzle. It’s not possible to improve customer outcomes such as satisfaction and loyalty if employees are not motivated to provide great end to end CX. Companies that want to improve their CX need to focus on how to improve employee engagement in their CX strategy. The Forrester research report “Sharpen Customer Experience Focus With Employee Engagement” encourages organisations to:

  • Create employee engagement roadmaps - “Customer experience leaders should start by assessing the level of employee engagement at their firms today. With this data in hand, CX pros can perform gap analyses to identify areas for improvement.”

  • Build customer centricity into employee tools and ongoing practices – Regularly review employee customer-focused metrics and provide ongoing coaching and development for personal success and organisational success.

Does your CX strategy include a robust roadmap for improving employee engagement? How well do your leaders know how to motivate employees to provide great end to end CX? Speak to us today about running a short in-house CX workshop with your leaders and start the internal journey of gaining ownership to drive CX through though improved employee engagement. Our CX Masterclass Series of half-day or full-day workshops delivered on site, are customised to your business and designed to connect and inspire leaders to understand insights and implement innovative strategies to drive CX from good to great. Our workshops are custom built and uniquely designed to your business. Run as a focus group style workshop, your leaders will develop insights into how to grow your CX and people’s success. Reach out to us today! Our goal - partnering with you to build stronger CX through improving strategy, people, processes and technology. The Journey starts when you care.


Maria Maddalena-Raso

Senior Consultant

Exceed Global 1300 44 88 88

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