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Resumes in 2018

An interesting study was published by Microsoft about how our attention spans have changed over the past few years and is decreasing rapidly as our busy lives and focus keeps changing. Not comforting news when you consider the challenge of being noticed over other job applicants.

We live in a technology-driven world which is constantly changing, updating and improving - where we consume mass amounts of information in short bits of text, via social media status updates and quick video clips. How we consume information has changed dramatically and we need to be aware of this. But we also need to act and make changes to our resumes to modernise the way we’re presenting ourselves to Talent Consultants and Employers. Talent Consultants and HR teams continue to focus on growing their talent pipeline with a top priority being the quality of their hires. Candidates know that to be seen by Talent Consultants as top talent their resume needs to be crystal clear about their personal brand and the benefits they offer future employers. Writing leaner and cleaner content is essential moving into 2018. Your resume is designed to sell your career story and where an opportunity aligns with your story, highlight it. Enable the reader a quick glimpse that will answer the question, ‘why should I continue ‘? A few quick tips to consider when writing or reviewing your resume:

  • Consider using a career snapshot

  • Use of Infographics and text boxes particularly within technology roles are a great way to highlight your skills

  • Give the reader newsworthy information in short, effective statements so they can attain the key facts

  • Use bullets to break up information, and maximise your bullet list at five bullets.

  • Incorporate white space throughout the resume to create a smoother flow.


Mirleen Chinnery

Talent Management Consultant

Exceed Global


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