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Omnichannel engagement

An omnichannel approach shifts attention from the individual channels to the relationship between them, which is becoming increasingly integrated. People/Customers are inherently omnichannel in their thinking and behaviour. What has changed is the expectation that businesses can and will support an omnichannel engagement. The question for businesses is no longer whether to operate an omnichannel strategy, but how to implement it most effectively, offering the right combination of experiences for the customers that demand them.

Key steps to enabling an omnichannel environment:

  • Research best practice and learn how other organisations are leveraging omni-channel.

  • Have a clear strategy and objectives in adopting omni-channel, and make sure it aligns with your corporate and customer strategy.

  • Understand each channel, its capability and best use.

  • Understand who in your organisation owns existing channels, and who will own omnichannel, as well as the roles and responsibilities of staff within and around it.

  • Understand the customer journey before, within and beyond the interaction within the channel. Align your customer journey maps with your process maps.

  • Develop policies and procedures for the channel to ensure it is managed well.

  • Have clear KPIs and objectives for the channel itself, and for the staff who will help achieve the objectives.

  • Be clear on the integration of technology between channels, as well as your CRM, so that customers can interact seamlessly with your organisation.

  • Have a clear understanding of where this channel can take you in the future, so it helps you plan for tomorrow today.

A mature omnichannel strategy offers customers a seamless, consistent experience, no matter what technology or communication they are using.

Speak to the team at Exceed about enabling your customers omnichannel experience.


Simon Bennett

Director of Consulting

Exceed Global


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