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Good to Great CX - Developing a CX Strategy that is leader led.

We recently worked with a client who had experienced significant growth over recent years but had not put the customer at the centre of its strategy. The retailer was seeking facilitators with a strong CX background to work with key stakeholders to understand the current state customer strategy, provide insights to industry best practice and identify a desired future state and next steps. In a highly competitive industry, the retailer was not delivering an optimal customer experience and despite strong customer acquisition numbers, customer retention was low. As there wasn’t an existing customer strategy existed within the business, Exceed Global was engaged by the group executive to assist them.

The Exceed team reviewed the existing corporate strategy and current state, as well as facilitated a Summit Day with key stakeholders. A report was delivered, documenting the outcomes of the engagement including a roadmap detailing the key focus areas and high-level activities required. Once the report was endorsed by the Executive, the Exceed team then facilitated a Strategy Day with a wider audience of stakeholders to communicate the strategy and get ownership by stakeholders to transform the business to implement the strategy.

The engagement assisted in raising awareness of the importance of customer experience for the sustained growth of the retailer and to focus on how to deliver great CX. Since, the organisation has embarked on a journey to transform the business to align it to the strategy and action plan agreed during this engagement. As part of this, it has appointed CX champions and implemented quick wins including a customer chair at every meeting and changes to processes that impact CX.

Speak to the team at Exceed about how we can assist you to develop and implement a CX Strategy to deliver great CX, transform your business and increase growth and revenue.


Simon Bennett

Director of Consulting

Exceed Global


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