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Update from the CEO

Welcome to my first update as CEO of Exceed Global.

I am relishing the opportunity to meet as many of our followers as possible and am looking forward to sharing our insights and learnings with you.

Great customer experience is my passion – both the giving and receiving of it and yes, I get it that this has a different meaning for each of us.

Part of this passion is that I am a survey junkie - as many a provider of poor customer experience has found out. I will put down what I am doing at the time to complete a survey. Whilst many people believe that there is little point in completing surveys, I can assure you this is not so. I know from feedback to my survey responses that customer focused organisations do take surveys seriously and this is just what consumers expect if they are taking the time to complete them. Acting on a survey response in a personalised manner goes a long way to building good will and encourages the customer to provide the organisation with a chance to redeem themselves. Ignoring a poor survey response - especially when the respondent has taken the time to respond with details of the issue - will guarantee that the respondent is less likely to deal with your organisation again.

My annoyance when completing surveys is that often the kind words relayed about an employee are not communicated to that employee. I do not understand this. Whilst negative comments are a great way of recognising areas of improvement, positive comments a great motivator for staff. It is important to give equal attention to both the negative and positive survey responses.

My one recommendation for ensuring that customers continue to complete your survey is to make sure it is relevant, easy to access and complete because like me, you only get one chance to have your customers complete them.


Debra Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Exceed Global


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