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Customer Journey Mapping - Walking in Your Customers Shoes


Customer journey mapping is about understanding what motivates your customers – what their needs may be, their hesitations and fears. The goal being able to align what they want to accomplish when they interact with your business and mapping out their paths from first interaction to last will show if they are achieving their goals and whether their expectations are being met.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

To understand what your customers go through and how easy (or hard!) your company is to deal with from a customer’s point of view, a journey map can be used to describe the end-to-end experience for your customer.

These journey maps form a key enabler for the stakeholders in business and operational functions, product and service owners, and areas of capability who are involved in transforming the customer experience.

Describing the journey for specific customer events allows these stakeholders too:

  • Be informed and draw insight from the current customer experience

  • Align the business and culture to the customer

  • Assess the performance of current experiences

Using Journey Map Insights

A customer journey map can be an excellent visualisation tool that helps aligns the business to the customer. Once organisations invest in converting the journey map into a customer relationship tool to identify moments of truth, your customer experience strategy can be impacted positively.

We have found that the organisations with the most satisfied customers, are usually the ones that walk the furthest in their shoes.

What is your company doing to understand your customers? The Exceed Global team offers a variety of services including customer journey mapping and training for your people. Contact Exceed Global to discuss how we can help you create a great CX ecosystem.


Luke Cottom

New Business Strategist

Exceed Global

0435 730 978


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