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Embrace Technology... or Get Left Behind

The constantly evolving nature of technology presents a massive challenge for those charged with developing strategy in business today. Whereas, a generation ago the technology landscape status quo could be predicted to be relatively similar at the beginning and end of a typical five-year strategic plan. It used to be that the past would be a good guide to the future.

This landscape has changed dramatically. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) all loom large on the horizon for many businesses, potentially revolutionising entire industries.

Handbrake of our Infrastructure

Due to a small population spread out over an enormous landmass, Australia has lagged behind other developed (and not so developed!) nations in some areas of technology such as our communication and electricity networks.

Australia’s National Broadband Network’s shortcomings have been well-publicised. AI and VR from a consumer point of view are technologies that rely on a ‘smooth road network’ or a quality network infrastructure to live up to potential (upload speeds less than 2mbps cause many smart home applications to grind to a halt).

The impending introduction of 5G mobile networks promises to open up new horizons. The possibilities of a lag-free, fast network should be a reality within the next few years. Based on recent demonstrations, the quality of this network could transform drone technology, self-driving cars and even remote robotic surgery from a gimmick to a commercial reality.

Technology Strategy Revision

Analysing how new technologies (such as 5G) could potentially affect the space your company plays in, should be critical in formulating any new strategy. To ensure your company doesn’t get left behind, flexibility and agility is required to revisit your technology strategy and contrast it with the prevailing market conditions.

Contact Exceed Global today, to learn more about how you can create or revise your technology strategy.


Luke Cottom

New Business Strategist

Exceed Global

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