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Customer Journey Mapping Training

Every customer is on a journey, yet many companies treat each customer interaction as if it's an isolated event. To improve customer experience, organisations must understand and cater for their customer's entire journey. Exceed Global runs workshops for business professionals who want to understand how to develop and use one of the most important tools in the customer experience toolbox: Customer Journey Map (CJM).

Exceed Global’s CJM training program is based upon industry standard and adult learning theory and principles, which encourage knowledge retention through engaging motivated, self-directed adults to use relevant, practical, life experience and knowledge to achieve the goals of the learning opportunity.

The course covers key concepts including:

  • The role customer journey maps play in designing and improving the customer experience

  • Identifying Touchpoints

  • Understanding the importance of customer personas

  • Identifying each of the stakeholders responsible for delivering on an effective customer experience throughout the customer journey.

  • Identifying key “moments of truth” in the customer journey

  • Aligning customer journey maps to business processes

  • Integrating customer journey maps into your business operations.

The program brings to live the CJM component of Isabella’s book ‘Good to Great CX’ and provides your team with the knowledge of how to leverage this tool in your business.


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global

0407 889 987


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