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Customer Journey Mapping Champions

A national retailer who had recognised the need to focus on customer had recently appointed a Chief Customer Officer, as well as implemented many changes at a board and executive level to ensure the organisation’s strategy was aligned to the recently developed CX strategy. As part of this journey, the retailer recognised the importance of empowering staff to embrace this change. It identified deficiencies in the skill level of the current workforce and wanted to create a small team of Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) ‘champions’.

It engaged Exceed Global, renown as an industry leader in delivering transformational training programs. A customised CJM training program based on industry best-practice and adult learning theory and principles was designed to quickly bridge knowledge gaps was developed and facilitated in all locations nationally. The program included benefits, uses and application of CJM to transform CX, the framework and its key components as well as success measures.

The project raised awareness of the importance of putting the customers journey at the forefront for the sustained growth of the retailer. Staff were empowered to develop CJM for their own projects and initiatives and were able to leverage CJM as a tool to become a customer centric organisation.


Isabella Villani

Director & CEO

Exceed Global

0407 889 987


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