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Now you know your ABC's... AI, Blockchain and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become very familiar in our world from the Customer Experience (CX) to Data Security and we are starting to see useful applications when it comes to hiring.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the recruiting process, changing the way Talent professionals discover and hire talent and is becoming a critical ally in the talent search process.

By leveraging big data and machine learning, Talent Professionals can cast a wider net in their search and become more efficient in building high-quality talent pipelines, and ultimately can better predict the skills and attributes of prospective candidates that will have the highest probability of success.

Snapshot statistics:

Blockchain technology is another tool that will be gaining momentum this year. It was developed for exchanging bitcoin, but now there are wider applications.

Blockchain allows for a faster interaction with information by two or more parties. Everyone has the most up-to-date information, no matter how many people are using it.

Imagine how that could simplify team hiring. Instead of scrolling through an endless chain of messages to see what each person thought of a candidate, use blockchain technology. This will assure that everyone can easily add their own opinions and see those of everyone else.

Finally, chatbots are beginning to make a big impact. The technology saves Talent professionals time with applicants that do not fit the job brief or the environment.

Put a chatbot on your company career page. Then potential candidates can interact with it and ask questions. Bringing things full circle, the chatbot can then deliver that communication to AI software. If there are signs that this is a strong candidate, you can make direct contact with them.


Mirleen Chinnery

Talent Management Consultant

Exceed Global 1300 44 88 88

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