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Want to inspire your team and clients? Isabella has been leading the conversation with some of the biggest and best known brands.

Isabella Villani, Leading CX Thought Leadership Around The World

Clients often leverage Isabella Villani’s extensive experience to deliver keynote presentations across various industries, including banking and finance, telecommunications, health, infrastructure and resources, utilities, government and not-for-profit organisations.  More recently, Isabella has been engaged to present a keynote at the Local Government Professional and Clariden annual conferences, as well as chair a panel at a large conference. 


Isabella also frequently presents to senior leadership teams. Typically, she will:

  • Facilitate a CX Ideation Workshop for the senior leadership team (this is more of an interactive session which has senior leaders involved in ideating what great CX looks like for their organisation).

  • Present a keynote to the senior leadership team (or other nominated staff) around thought leadership in the CX space.

  • Deliver enterprise wide training programs, as well as coach senior leaders.  


Based on your requirements and the desired allotted time for the speaking engagement, she can tailor a presentation or workshop to meet your needs.  Visit our youtube channel for videos demonstrating some of the work Isabella has previously delivered, as well as event photos on Exceed Global’s Facebook page.  

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Speaking Engagements

Your event is your moment. You spend a lot of time tailoring these moments to make it perfect for both your brand and your audience.  Your audience’s time is precious so I will work with you to make the occasion both memorable and valuable.  We will spend time together to ensure we establish the right message and delivery approach to customise the presentation to the event and your audience.  We will create an experience that excites, motivates and inspires your audience!

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